Cell and Tissue Biology


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m20a Endothelial cells (SEM). By permission of Pietro Motta. (Rhsus monkey)
tem13 Epithelial cell; keratin [intermediate] filaments
tem28 Simple squamous epithelium; pinocytotic vesicles
tem36 Stratified squamous epithelium [tongue]; numerous spot desmosomes
tem37 Cell junctional complexes; tight junction, belt desmosome, and spot desmosome
tem38 Epithelium; basal lamina, hemidesmosomes, bundles of keratin filaments
tem38a Basal lamina; lamina densa and lamina rara
tem40 Stratified squamous epithelium; cells of stratum spinosum held together by numerous spot desmosomes
tem41 Stratified squamous epithelium; spot desmosomes, keratin filaments