Cell and Tissue Biology

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fc10f48 Cardiac muscle (TEM). By permission of Don Fawcett. 10000x
fc25f14 Parietal (HCl-secreting) cell (TEM). From S. Ito. By permission of Don Fawcett. 4000x
tem16 Cerebellum; neuron 15200x
tem23 Adrenal cortex; steroid secreting cell [left] 19250x
tem30 Cilia [cross sections] 31000x
tem33 Mitochondria 29000x
tem36 Stratified squamous epithelium [tongue]; numerous spot desmosomes 13000x
tem5 Mitochondria with transversely oriented cristae; cytolysosomes; Golgi complexes 15700x
tem55 Small lymphocyte; large nucleus surrounded by a small rim of cytoplasm 8600x
tem56 Neutrophil with a three-lobed nucleus; cytoplasm has a few mitochondria and granules of various sizes 11200x
tem58 Skeletal muscle 3600x
tem7 Liver; hepatocyte nucleus with abundant euchromatin; prominent mitochondria,rough endoplasmic reticulum, and glycogen 10500x
tem8 Adrenal cortex [zona fasciculata]; mitochondria with tubular cristae; capillary [fenestrated] 21700x
temliv1 Liver, hepatocytes and sinusoids (TEM). (Rat) 24750x
temliv1 Liver, hepatocytes and sinusoids (TEM). (Rat) 24750x
temliv2 Liver, sinusoid, lysosomes, ribosomes, mitochondria (TEM). (Rat) 50000x
temliv3 Liver, hepatocyte, intracellular organelles (TEM). (Rat) 45000x
temliv5 Liver, bile canaliculus, intracellular organelles (TEM). (Rat) 75000x
temneur4 Inner ear, organ of Corti, synaptic ending (TEM). (Chinchilla) 15000x
temneur5 Inner ear, organ of Corti, synaptic ending, mitochondria (TEM). (Chinchilla) 9000x
temneur6 Inner ear, rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria (TEM). (Guinea pig) 8000x
tempanc3 Pancreas, exocrine, intracellular organelles, nuclear envelope (TEM). (Chinchilla) 10000x
temrep2 Testis, developing spermatozoa, acrosome (TEM). By permission of C. Roland Leeson. (Rabbit) 32600x
w31 Submandibular gland (Monkey) 100x