Cell and Tissue Biology

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Slide   Description Magnification
fc26f9 Microvilli (SEM). From N. Hirokawa and J. Heuser. By permission of Don Fawcett. 7000x
tem2 Pancreas; acinar cells and acinar lumen 16200x
tem24 Choroid plexus; microvilli that are NOT organized into a tight brush border 6250x
tem25 Irregularly shaped and oriented microvilli; some basal bodies 9750x
tem26 Irregularly shaped and oriented microvilli 23125x
tem35 Pancreas 15000x
tem44 Choroid plexus; numerous irregularly oriented microvilli at the apical surface; fenestrated capillaries 3875x
temear21 Organ of Corti, tight junction (TEM). (Chinchilla) 30000x
temgi1 GI tract, tight junction, microvilli (TEM). 5000x
temgi2 GI tract, microvilli, actin filaments, coated pits (TEM). (Chinchilla) 75000x
temgi3 GI tract, microvilli, glycocalyx (TEM). 75000x
temliv5 Liver, bile canaliculus, intracellular organelles (TEM). (Rat) 75000x
w63 Ovary (Monkey) 100x
w91b Spleen (Degus) 100x