Cell and Tissue Biology

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Slide   Description Magnification
w04 Semilunar valve (Dog) 40x
w29 Tongue (Rat) 40x
w29 Tongue (Rat) 100x
w45a Liver (Dog) 100x
w51a Bronchus (Dog) 40x
w53b Mixed artery (Monkey) 100x
w54d Vena cava inferior (Human) 40x
w56a Kidney (Stump tail monkey) 40x
w56a Kidney (Stump tail monkey) 40x
w78d Third ventricle (Monkey) 100x
w91b Spleen (Degus) 100x
w96a Adrenal gland (Monkey) 40x
w96a Adrenal gland (Monkey) 100x
w98 Pineal gland (Monkey) 100x