Cell and Tissue Biology

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Slide   Description Magnification
b87 Thumbnail (Human, infant) 10x
fc5f11 Connective tissue (TEM). From J.C. Fanning. By permission of Don Fawcett. 50000x
tem54 Mast cell in skeletal muscle; collagen 8600x
w17 Purkinje fibers of heart (Dog) 40x
w29 Tongue (Rat) 100x
w34 Esophagus (Dog) 100x
w41b Jejunum (Dog) 40x
w53c Aorta ( Human) 100x
w54d Vena cava inferior (Human) 10x
w54d Vena cava inferior (Human) 10x
w85 Thin skin (Human) 40x
w93 Thyroid (Human) 40x