Cell and Tissue Biology

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Slide   Description Magnification
w34 Esophagus (Dog) 2x
w36 Cardiac stomach (Monkey) 1x
w36 Cardiac stomach (Monkey) 2x
w37 Fundic stomach (Monkey) 2x
w38 Pyloric stomach (Monkey) 2x
w41a Duodenum (Dog) 1x
w41a Duodenum (Dog) 2x
w41b Jejunum (Dog) 1x
w41b Jejunum (Dog) 2x
w41b Jejunum (Dog) 2x
w41b Jejunum (Dog) 2x
w41bpl Jejunum - nerve plexus (Dog) 1x
w41c Ileum (Dog) 2x
w41c Ileum (Dog) 10x
w43 Appendix ( Human) 2x
w43 Appendix ( Human) 2x
w50 Esophagus and Trachea (Monkey) 1x