Cell and Tissue Biology

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Slide   Description Magnification
tem1 Exocrine pancreas 3500x
tem55 Small lymphocyte; large nucleus surrounded by a small rim of cytoplasm 8600x
tem57 Thymus; maturing thymocytes [morphologically indistinguishable from other small lymphocytes]; large nucleus, small amount of cytoplasm; centriole 6150x
temfib1 Fibroblast (TEM). 20400x
temmusl1 Muscle, smooth, collagen fibers (TEM). (Rabbit) 20400x
tempanc2 Pancreas, exocrine, intracellular organelles, fenestrated capillary (TEM). (Chinchilla) 4500x
tempanc3 Pancreas, exocrine, intracellular organelles, nuclear envelope (TEM). (Chinchilla) 10000x