Cell and Tissue Biology


Welcome to the Internet Atlas of Histology. Please explore the complete set of histological specimens that features many excellent plastic sections prepared by Aulikki Kokko-Cunningham, M.D. Over 1000 labeled histological features are labled and have accompanying functional descriptions. All of this information is accessible though an alphabetical index and a search engine.

JAVA - AN IMPORTANT TECHNICAL NOTE: The Java applet that displays microscopic images on this web site comes in "Sun" and "MS" versions. The "Sun" version loads by default. If an image or a labeled region is not properly displayed, you may be using the Internet Explorer browser that is still using the "MS" Java "Virtual Machine" plug-in (which, to our knowledge, is no longer distributed by Microsoft). You have two options: 1) Get and install the free Java plug-in from Sun, or 2) click on the "MS" Java link that you will find just above the main image-viewing window of the Atlas web site. Clicking "MS" will force the Atlas to display images with an "MS"-compatible Java applet. You can always switch directly back to the "Sun"-compatible applet by clicking on the "Sun" link that we have placed in the same location.

If this is your first visit, you may want to begin by exploring the Atlas Demo.

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