Cell and Tissue Biology

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This course explores microanatomy and the many fascinating links between form and function at the microscopic level. To be successful in the M2 pathology course, you must be able to recognize and understand the function of normal cells and tissues. This is the main objective of this course.

The major components of this course are: 1) textbook reading assignments ("Histology, A Text and Atlas, 7th Edition", Pawlina), 2) web-based laboratory excercises, 3) lab meetings during which you will use microscopes and virtual microscopy to look at tissue sections and work together in small groups on clinical cases, and 4) course lectures.

You are expected to have completed the reading assignments BEFORE coming to lecture. Lectures will amplify and extend some of the material covered in the reading assigments.


Posted/Modified on Monday September 28th:
A new virtual microscope server is up and running. If we have major technical problems with the virtual microscope during the quiz (Tuesday, September 29, noon), I will have ready to go a quiz that does not rely upon the virtual microscope. So, the quiz will go on even if we have not yet solved all the issues associated with virtual microscope quiz items.

Posted/Modified on Monday September 28th:
I have just posted the main lab 3 web exercise called "Muscle and Cardiovascular System". I have also posted the cases (A, B & C) for the clinical case presentations that will be made at the start of lab 3. Please go to the "Labs" page and scroll down to the section titled "Complete before Lab 3 meeting..."

Posted/Modified on Thursday September 24th:
Progress Exam 1 will have 30 questions. Approximately 10 items will include micrographs, either light micrographs (LMs) or electron micrographs (TEMs or SEMS). A few (2 or 3) questions will be short answer -- a correct response will require you to type in one or two words. The rest of the questions will be multiple choice.

Posted/Modified on Wednesday September 23rd:
I just posted a study guide for CTB exam I. A link to it appears on the "Exams" page of the CTB web site, under the column "Material", in the row for Prog. Exam I. Here is a direct link: Study Guide.

Posted/Modified on Thursday September 10th:
I just posted examples of the forms that will be used for 1) peer and instructor assessment of your clinical case presentations, and 2) your professionalism. Find the links in the top section of the "Labs" page of the CTB course web site.

Posted/Modified on Wednesday September 9th:
I just posted a rubric for the clinical case presentations. Find it on the "Labs" page of the CTB course web site, at the bottom of the section containing all the materials for Lab 2.

Posted/Modified on Wednesday September 9th:
I just posted the on-line lab exercises for next week's lab 2 meetings. Go to the "Labs" page on the CTB web site, and scroll down to "Lab 2". The link is called: "Connective Tissue & Epithelium."

Posted/Modified on Friday August 28th:
The clinical cases for Lab 2 have just been posted on the "Labs" page of this web site.

Posted/Modified on Thursday August 27th:
If you have a laptop computer, please bring it with you to lab next week. We should have a "worksheet" for you to do that involves placing markers on the virtual microscope. This will be the same software that will be used on the lab quizzes.

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