Cell and Tissue Biology

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This course explores microanatomy and the many fascinating links between form and function at the microscopic level. To be successful in the M2 pathology course, you must be able to recognize and understand the function of normal cells and tissues. This is the main objective of this course.

The major components of this course are: 1) textbook reading assignments ("Histology, A Text and Atlas, 7th Edition", Pawlina), 2) web-based laboratory excercises, 3) lab meetings during which you will use microscopes and virtual microscopy to look at tissue sections and work together in small groups on clinical cases, and 4) course lectures.

You are expected to have completed the reading assignments BEFORE coming to lecture. Lectures will amplify and extend some of the material covered in the reading assigments.


Posted/Modified on Friday October 30th:
I just posted some practice questions for the upcoming final exam. Find it on the main M1 exam page, under CTB. The exam password is "password".

The first time through the exam will behave as a regular exam. After you end your exam session from the "Question Review" page, you will be permitted back in. On subsequent retakes the exam will be in "feedback" mode. It will give hints for any incorrect responses. These hints may help in your exam preparation.

Don't forget about the final exam study guide and study questions. Links are on the "Exams" page of the CTB web site.

Posted/Modified on Wednesday October 21st:
I just posted the web exercise for next week's lab 5 (the last one this semester!) Go to the CTB course web site, go to the "Labs" page, and scroll down to lab 5.

Posted/Modified on Wednesday October 21st:
Correction on karatinocyte transit times. In my lecture notes I say it is 12-14 days. The current edition of the test has the following information about karatinocyte transit times through the various layers of the epidermis:

stratum corneum transit time = 15 days (probably what my original notes refers to rather than total transit time)

stratum spinosum & granulosum transit time = 31 days

stratum basale transit time = 1-2 days

So, total transit time from basal to desquamation at surface = 15 + 31 + (1 or 2) = 47-48 days

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